A Leading Driver Recruiting Agency

A recruiting model built by recruiters, for recruiters

At RTR, we only promote from within. That means, everyone you see at the top, started at the bottom.

Our business model is built off what drove us crazy as third party truck driver recruiters.

We know your struggle like the back of our hands. We've carefully crafted all our platforms and processes to benefit one person - YOU.

woman in black hijab sitting on bed using laptop
woman in black hijab sitting on bed using laptop

We don't believe in cold-calling prospects

As a recruiting agency, our recruiters are contracted to hire truck drivers into direct-hire positions with a wide variety of major transportation companies scattered across the United States.

At RTR, we stand out from the rest because instead of parsing resumes or purchasing cold leads - we run thousands of job ads every week to ensure you're only speaking to drivers who are actively looking for a job.

person holding black iphone 5
person holding black iphone 5

What We provide:

  • Company Email

  • New, Qualified Applicants Daily

  • Complete, Robust CRM System

  • Access to Our Lead Database with over 1 Million Applicants

  • Full support and Open Communication with Upper Management

  • A-Z hands-on Virtual Training

  • Weekly Team Meetings and Trainings

  • Company Chat Where You Can Connect with Fellow Recruiters

  • Weekly bonuses, incentives, and much more

a person using a laptop
a person using a laptop

What Do You Need to Get Started?

Nothing, really. We use a robust system that can be used on a smart phone or a computer. You can work on the go, or you can work in the office. That's the beauty of working remotely as a third party truck driver recruiter. We do not require membership fees, sign on fees, or any kind of fee. Everything is provided to you for FREE. At RTR, we will never ask you for a dime.