Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I make?

Pay varies by the Carrier. The current pay range is $300 - $2500 per hire, depending on which carrier it's for.

How do I get paid?

We are currently set up to pay through PayPal.

What do I need to get started?

A stable internet connection and a smart phone, computer, or tablet/iPad. (It's best done with a computer, but anything will work)

Do I have to pay anything to work here?

Nope. Never.

Do I have to source my own Driver leads?

Never, although you can if you really, really wanted to. We provide brand-new leads daily to ensure our recruiting partners are successful. We know what it's like to scour LinkedIn, Indeed, and Social Media for hours on end to no avail.

What platforms will I have access to?

Airtable, Discord, Tenstreet, and your Company Email.

Will I be able to communicate with anyone?

Yes! At RTR, we know how grueling it can be working from home and feeling disconnected. We have our own chat server that connects you to everyone in the company, from the owner to the newest recruiter - and everyone in between. You'll be able to talk to anyone, ask questions, get advice, let off steam, or tell hilariously awesome jokes.

How soon can I start?

If you're super responsive, we can have you all set up, trained, and ready to go in just 2-hours. If you're a little sluggish, maybe by the end of the day. It depends on you.

What does a normal day look like for a recruiter?

You'll be calling driver leads that are provided to you daily. You will pre-qualify the driver for the position, go over the details of the job they want, and get them to fill out an application. Your day will be a mixture of new calls with prospective drivers and follow-up calls with drivers who are already processing in your pipeline.

How fast can I start making money?

Recruiters with experience start earning their first round of commissions by the end of the 2nd week. Recruiters with no experience typically start netting commissions around the end of the 3rd week. Consistently working every day, following up, and nailing how to pre-qualify is the secret sauce to success.

How much can I expect to make per month?

Our senior recruiters who work 9-5 Monday - Friday average between $2500 - $3500 per week. Our more part time recruiters average closer to $600 - $1200 per week.

I have 68 children, can I still work this position even though it requires me to talk on the phone?

Yes! Truck Drivers are normal people and are used to talking to Dispatchers and Freight Brokers who work from home on a daily basis. Most of us have loud, wild, unruly children in our homes - yelling in the background all day long.

Do you conduct a background check?


How do you know when we're working?

We don't. You work for yourself and set your own schedule.

Who is my Team Leader?

The person who sent you this website.

Where do the leads come from?

Your team leader has an ATS that they use to post job ads on. The job ads go directly to Indeed where drivers can apply.

How often are leads updated?

Leads are updated daily, numerous times throughout the day.

My drivers keep disappearing. Where’d they go?

Every time you change a status in Airtable for a driver, it organizes itself. Whatever status you changed it to will move the driver to a tab that matches that status to help you keep everything organized.

I’m still confused and need help. What do I do?

Reach out to your Team Leader for a one-on-one training.

Is there room for advancement?


How quickly can I advance in the company?

It typically takes about 6 months to become a Senior Recruiter, about 1-1.5 years to become a Team Leader, and 2-3 years to become a Team Leader of multiple teams.

Am I limited to only working the leads on Airtable?

Never. The leads we provide are to ensure you’re successful. You’re more than welcome to hire drivers you’ve found in the wilderness or through your own advertising.

Who is Class A Recruiting to Raider T Recruiting?

Class A Recruiting is the Contract Holder with the carriers. Raider T Recruiting is the Vendor hired to fulfill the needs outlined in the Recruiting contracts between Class A and the Carriers.

How do I know this is legit?

Well, there’s Google. We encourage everyone to do their research. You’ll also be able to reach out to Senior Recruiters who have been here for years once you’re in Discord to ask them directly about the position, pay, etc. Just click on their Discord profile to see which badges they have.

Is there more training available?

Yes! We post all trainings and recordings on our website. You can also request a training at any time. If you’d like to view any of them. Go to the main login page and scroll to the bottom. Click on View Archive. Please request the password from your Team Leader to gain full access.

Is there anything I can't do here?

Yes, you cannot use the Carrier names, logos, or exact job descriptions in any form of advertising per your NDA. This includes taking screenshots and sending it to drivers. You also cannot "guarantee" anything in writing.